Handmade Mug with Topper

I discovered something by mistake, (which often happens:)... I made these little dipping dishes for soy sauce, olive oil etc, but found another use for them as a mug topper!
It happened this way... one of the dipping dishes that came out of a recent kiln firing really caught my eye... the little form and glaze were really special together. When I really like something it comes into the kitchen with me to ponder over while eating breakfast. Well to make a long story short- my tea was getting cold and I looked at his dipping dish and thought it might just cover my tea. Well it not only covered my tea, but fit perfectly! Hence more were made that very day.
Potters have stories, and our pottery tells a story... mass produced mugs don’t.
If you are pondering buying handmade for the holidays, just do it. The price of this $45 mug is way less than the price of one dinner out with a friend... and lasts a lot longer.
Take a look at my shop page if you still need to do some last minute shopping. Last day of shipping for Christmas is Wednesday December 19th. If you don't find what you are looking for in the shop contact me, I might have more that just didn't get posted!

Mug with tea topper LucyFagella.com.
Handmade mug with topper Lucy Fagella.