Citrus Juicers

I am making new citrus juicers. These are a result of my change from porcelain clay to stoneware clay. If you are a potter you understand the degree of difficulty working in porcelain. It is difficult to make extreme forms in porcelain because they tend to collapse on the potters wheel, or warp in the kiln. It is easier to work in stoneware because of the roughness (grog) in the clay, it just holds up better during the making process. Both are equally as strong and durable as an end product though.

These forms begin as a one piece enclosed form. That means I bring the clay up on the potters wheel and enclose the clay at the top. The first two photos show a two piece citrus juicer. This form is probably the most challenging form I have ever made. This is thrown all in one piece then I cut into it to create the lidded juicer section on top. The second citrus juicer is a double walled container, meaning that the middle hump section is thrown and formed into an enclosed form. The outer section is thrown as a tall bowl with a spout, then at the leather hard stage of the drying process it is cut into and altered to create the low sides. The final citrus juicer is a juicer that I have made for years, the only difference is that I have actually simplified it by not making a wavy split rim.

One of my customers asked me if I juice lots of citrus fruit. Not really I said, mainly just for Margaritas! It's just that I love the challenge of making difficult forms such as citrus juicers.

You can find these juicers on the shop page of my website.