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Two Citrus Juicers

Welcome To Lucy Fagella Pottery

I make pottery for the table… for food, family and gathering. 

Pottery that is used in our daily lives… be it a mug for morning tea, a large pasta bowl, or a salt cellar. I like to say my pottery is made for the home and heart.
Another aspect of my work is to create urns for loved ones… a treasured jar to hold the cremains of a family member, friend, or pet. I am honored to have people choose my work for a treasured memorial. You can find my urns at

I work on the potters wheel in stoneware and porcelain. My pottery for the kitchen is made from stoneware clay, which is very durable and able to withstand the test of time through daily use with heavy dishwasher and microwave use. The functional forms that I make are minimalist in nature so as not to distract from the food which is served.

I work in porcelain when making my cremation urns. porcelain is a pure white clay. I love the glass like quality of transparent glazes which allow for the whiteness of the porcelain to shine through. My urns are far more decorative than my kitchenware, capturing the movement of glazes through pattern, and fine detailed lines.

My hands are in clay each day in the pottery studio, and when I am not in the studio my hands are in the soil, growing food in our abundant garden. I am thankful each and every day that I live a quiet, intentional life, close to the land here in Rural Western Massachusetts.

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Happy to be Carrying on the long standing tradition of pottery.

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